Share (verb): To have or use something at the same time as someone else.

Productiviti Cloud: share

At the centre of business efficiency is clarity of purpose and organisation.

Using shared documents and collaborative processes helps to organise people and their work tools to provide dynamic, engaging and efficient teamwork.

Productiviti Cloud is a collaborative project by KB Software and AltmanIM. With decades of experience organising, managing and working in teams, we have developed a simple Share solution that:

  • Provides powerful Search with instant suggestions
  • Gives customised structures for organising documents
  • Can automate¬†naming and routing policy actions
  • Utilises built-in Review and approval tasks
  • Integrates Microsoft Office and Google Docs
  • Maintains document versioning
  • Gives flexible access permissions


  • Digitise & centralise all content

  • Organise and structure content

  • Fast, convenient search and retrieval from any PC, tablet or mobile device

  • Versioning, Access Control and Auditing


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