Workflow (noun): The sequence of processes through which a piece of work passes from initiation to completion.

Productiviti Cloud: flow

At the centre of business efficiency is clarity of purpose and organisation.

Using workflow helps to refine the business process by asking questions such as: Do we need to do this? Why do we do things this way? Can we do this more simply?

Productiviti Cloud is a collaborative project by KB Software and AltmanIM. With decades of experience using business systems, we have developed a simple Workflow solution that:

  • Can deploy standard or custom workflow processes e.g. Document Control, Time off request, Invoice approval.
  • Is browser based and mobile optimised
  • Has a task management dashboard
  • Provides a daily summary email reminder (outstanding tasks)
  • Allows temporary (e.g. during leave) and permanent task delegation
  • Gives user based access permissions
  • Records an audit trail of all activities


  • Digitise and¬†automate workflow processes

  • Improve speed, consistency and quality of processing

  • Process workflow tasks from any device, anytime


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