PDF Object

Using https://pdfobject.com/



In this example, I am using pdf-viewer as the ID of my div.

Create a container to hold your PDF:

<div id="pdf-viewer"></div>

Add the following to your form template (probably below the {% endblock content %} block):

{% block script_extra %}
  {{ block.super }}
  {% if flow_link.pdf_url %}
    {% include 'base/_pdfobject.html' %}
    <script>PDFObject.embed("{{ flow_link.pdf_url }}", "#pdf-viewer");</script>
      .pdfobject-container { height: 800px;}
      .pdfobject { border: 1px solid #666; }
  {% endif %}
{% endblock script_extra %}


In this example, the flow_link.pdf_url variable contains the URL of a PDF.