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We are using the Flatsome theme…

To edit the theme, browse to the WordPress Dashboard.

WooCommerce includes several Widgets

The filtering for WooCommerce products is configured in two places:

  • Appearance, Widgets.

  • Flatsome, Theme Options, Widgets, Shop Sidebar


If the Shop Sidebar isn’t included in the list (e.g. you only see Footer 1 and Footer 2), then browse to a product category page and it should appear!!


For details on adding Sidebar Widgets, see WooCommerce Lesson #14. How to Use WooCommerce Sidebar Widgets

Product Catalog

To remove pagination, Dashboard, Appearance, Customize, WooCommerce, Product Catalog, set Rows per page to 0:


For more information, see Ticket 5897


Widgets included with WooCommerce https://docs.woocommerce.com/document/woocommerce-widgets/

One of these is, Filter Products by Attribute which will Display a list of attributes to filter products in your store.