Google Apps


To make a user an admin:

  1. Users, select the user.

  2. Scroll down, “Show more”

  3. Admin roles and privileges, Manage Roles

  4. Super Admin

Data Migration

So annoying… trying to move email from one Google Workspace account to another.

The Data Migration option only seems to allow a Source of

I get the following error message:

Error (Retrying)
Authentication failure. (18017)

This article, G Suite Migration Data error 18017, seems to give a clue i.e. turn this setting on, but it still doesn’t work!

Group Alias


Fix common issues with group settings has solved various issues.

Start by adding Groups for Business to your Google Apps. This will allow you to add the Public Access Level to a group.


If you want emails to go to a group of people e.g. to send info@ emails to everyone in the company, then create a group alias.

To create an info or admin email address, go to Google Groups, click the Create group button:

Home, More Controls, Groups


We must give the public permission to send email addresses to the group:

Groups, select your group, Access Settings, Posting permissions, Post, Public, Save



Creating a group does not add another user to the account, so will not cost any more.


Malcolm followed these notes, Create a group & choose group settings and they worked. The notes above also worked for me on the 19/04/2023.