I started by creating a server with 1GB of RAM. We were getting out of memory errors, so I upgraded to 2GB and all seems fine for now.

I used these instructions: How to Install Nextcloud with Nginx and Lets Encrypt on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

To create these Salt states for install:

To download:

wget -q
cd ~/repo/project/
unzip -qq
# create the 'live' folder
mv nextcloud live
# tidy up
mv ~/repo/temp/

Use fabric to create the database:

fab create-db



Export from Google in vcf format, vCard (for iOS Contacts).

Google Drive

From Adding files to Nextcloud using the command line:

# log in as yourself (e.g. ``pat``)
mkdir /home/web/repo/project/


yb is the folder where you want to put the files (e.g. short version of your company name).


I haven’t done this yet, but it would be far better to download onto the Nextcloud server (to save upload bandwidth).

Download and install rclone:

curl | sudo bash


rclone config


Use a simple name for your drive e.g. pk-drive.


Choose Read-only access to file metadata and file contents.


rclone sync -P pk-drive:/ /home/web/repo/project/

# to download in LibreOffice format
rclone sync -P --drive-export-formats ods,odt,odp pk-drive:/ .


Think carefully about the download format. Nextcloud says, You can even collaborate with others on ODT and Markdown files! It looks as if Collabora Online and ONLYOFFICE are only free for personal use, Perhaps we collaborate using Markdown only!

Scan (scan for new files and update the file cache):

sudo -u www-data php /home/web/repo/project/nextcloud.hatherleigh.infoo/live/occ files:scan --path="pat/files/kb/"


pat is the Nextcloud user name.