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Use the WooCommerce API to read product information and create a spreadsheet suitable for import into ManoMano.

  • The WooCommerce app is configured with a list of WooCommerce sites (WooCommerceSite).

  • Each WooCommerce site has a select_class which is used to select the product to include in the ManoMano spreadsheet (e.g. SelectAlphaOnly and SelectMinimumValue in woocommerce_app.service.py).


  • Log into your WordPress / WooCommerce website.

  • Browse to Dashboard, WooCommerce, Settings, Advanced, REST API

  • Click Add key and create a Read only key (make a note of the key and the secret)

  • Add the key and secret to your .private.fish file e.g.

set -x WOOCOMMERCE_SITE_1_API_KEY "ck_123"
set -x WOOCOMMERCE_SITE_1_SECRET "cs_4567"

Create your WooCommerce sites e.g:

# example_woocommerce/management/commands/demo-data-woocommerce.py
django-admin demo-data-woocommerce

The user can update the title, minimum_value and percent_increase via the dashboard.