Microsoft Graph


  1. Register an application with the Microsoft identity platform

    e.g. for an app called ticket-3597-v1:

_images/msgraph-overview.png _images/msgraph-redirect-uris.png
  1. Under the applications API permissions page, choose Add a permission, select Microsoft Graph, and then choose the permissions your app requires under Application permissions:

_images/msgraph-application-permissions.png _images/msgraph-permissions-sites.png


If you change permissions, users and/or admins will have to consent even if they have done so previously.

  1. Under the applications Certificates & secrets page in the Client secrets section, create a New client secret:



I think you only get a single chance to copy this secret!

  1. Copy the Application (client) ID to and client secret to your web app in Settings, Microsoft Graph, Settings:



Make a note of the Redirect URI for the next step.

  1. Under the applications Authentication page in the Redirect URIs section, set the redirect URI for your web site.



The Redirect URI is displayed on your web site under Settings, Microsoft Graph, Settings.