See search for analyze and explain.

If you want to see what is being indexed for a model, log into your cloud server and run the following curl command:

curl "localhost:9200/hatherleigh_info/_search?q=django_ct:crm.ticket&size=500&pretty"


  • hatherleigh_info with your site name.

  • crm.ticket with the model you want to check.


Also see Maintenance

If the site isn’t running (perhaps nginx is displaying a 502 Bad Gateway error):

Check supervisor to see if uWSGI is running:

sudo -i
# supervisorctl
uwsgi                            RUNNING    pid 1104, uptime 0:04:01

If the process is not running, check the supervisor logs e.g:

tail /var/log/supervisor/uwsgi-stderr---supervisor-IupGOf.log
tail /var/log/supervisor/uwsgi-stdout---supervisor-IEfygY.log

If uWSGI is running without a problem, check the uWSGI logs for the project e.g:

sudo -i -u web
tail ~/repo/uwsgi/log/hatherleigh_info.log

It is a good idea to check the application logs e.g:

tail ~/repo/project/hatherleigh_info/live/logfile


Check the following logs (you will need to change the date):

vim /var/lib/tomcat7/logs/localhost.2014-04-23.log