The API has rate limits (powered by a Leaky Bucket algorithm). If requests come too frequently, they are queued in a bucket. If the queue reaches the bucket limit, the API responds with HTTP 429 error. Current limit is 5 requests per second with a bucket size up to 100 requests.


We are using an API Key for authentication…

Generate an API Key

  • Log into Veeqo

  • Settings

  • Users

  • Select your user

  • API Key

  • Refresh API Key


VEEQO_API_KEY = get_env_variable("VEEQO_API_KEY")
VEEQO_URL = get_env_variable("VEEQO_URL")

Management Commands

These commands retrieve the data via the Veeqo API, but they do nothing else:

django-admin veeqo-customers
django-admin veeqo-orders
django-admin veeqo-products