Magento App


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Management Commands

Invoice and Credit Notes

To download a single invoice or credit note, pass in the increment_id e.g: download_magento_credit_note 100018188 download_magento_invoice 100001906


Magento sites can be setup by a superuser in Settings, Magento Sites.

We have a Django management command to verify access to the API: login_magento_sites


To sync countries from Magento to the Country model in the finance app: magento_sync_settings

To initialise European Union Countries so they can use Zero Rated EC VAT: init_finance_app_european_union_countries


I would only run init_finance_app_european_union_countries once. Future updates to the countries in the European Union should probably be done through Settings, VAT Settings.

Templates and Mixins


All projects which use the invoice app will provide a detail URL named invoice.detail.


This (Magento) app has a template which can be included to display Magento related information for an invoice:

<div class="pure-u-1 pure-u-md-1-2">
  <table width="100%" class="pure-table pure-table-bordered small-margin-top">
      {% include "magento/_invoice_detail.html" %}