In the examples below replace:

  • drop-temp with your server name

  • hatherleigh_info with your site name

  • patrick with your user name

ssh into the server…

Find the database password and IP address:

cat /home/web/repo/uwsgi/vassals/hatherleigh_info.ini | grep DB_PASS
cat /home/web/repo/uwsgi/vassals/hatherleigh_info.ini | grep DB_IP

Backup the data:

mkdir -p ~/repo/backup/postgres/
export PGPASSWORD="<database password>"
pg_dump -U hatherleigh_info -h <database ip> hatherleigh_info -f ~/repo/backup/postgres/hatherleigh_info.sql

Exit the shell and copy the file back to your workstation:

cd ~/repo/backup/postgres/
scp drop-temp:/home/patrick/repo/backup/postgres/hatherleigh_info.sql .

To restore the database, see Old Notes