Scripts to aid the development process

We’ve create a number of scripts that aid our development process.


cd ~/dev/module
git clone
cd dev-scripts/

The README.rst file in the repo has more information.


To release of a project you can simply use release rather than creating a symlink to

It also has the added benefits of making sure you have the latest version of toolbox, displaying the requirements, checking the version against the kb pypi, running grunt (if there’s a Gruntfile.js in the project) doing doing an npm run scss-minify (if there’s a scss directory).


This script sets the branch for each of the apps used by the project.

The branch configuration file

The script requires a file called requirements/branch.txt. This should contain a line for each app used in the project using the format:


E.g. for a project which requires the block app to be on the delete-image branch and the base, compose, login, and mail apps on master you’d set up like this:


Run the command

To use the set-branches script just change to the project directory and type:



Deletes the reference branches that are not on the remote repository and then optionally prompts to delete the local ones.

  1. To delete untracked remotes on your local machine, see Git Branches

  2. To Delete Merged Branches on GitLab, see GitLab Branches