Amazon Database

From An Introduction to the AWS Command Line Tool Part 2

Security Group

Create a security group for the database:

aws ec2 create-security-group \
  --group-name db \
  --description "DB Security Group"

Allow access:

aws ec2 authorize-security-group-ingress \
  --group-name db \
  --source-group db \
  --protocol tcp --port 5432


The above rule allows any EC2 instance associated with the db security group to access any other EC2 or RDS instance associated with the db security group on tbp port 5432.

Create Database

Select one of the secure passwords from the list generated by apg:

apg -a0 -n10 -m16

Make a note of the GroupId of your security group:

aws ec2 describe-security-groups --group-name db

Create the database instance:

aws rds create-db-instance \
  --db-name kb \
  --db-instance-identifier kb \
  --allocated-storage 5 \
  --db-instance-class db.t1.micro \
  --engine postgres \
  --master-username postgres \
  --master-user-password <password generated with apg> \
  --vpc-security-group-ids <db security group id>
  • Replace kb with the name you want to use for the database.

  • Replace <password generated with apg> with the password generated by agp.

  • Replace <db security group id> with the ID of your db security group.

You can view your database instances:

aws rds describe-db-instances