Before deploying your site, you need to release the code. If you have not done this, check out the Release instructions.


The fabric deploy command opens the pages on the web site using the Chrome browser. For this to work you need to install the ChromeDriver

To deploy your project to a site (in this example for the site

cd fabric
fab deploy:0.0.19


The deploy command will open the pages in the site map in the Chrome browser.

To run these tests without deploying the site:

fab ok

To open additional pages, add them to the deploy/test/ folder for the site e.g:

- url:
  title: Hatherleigh Information
- url: accounts/login
  title: Login


  1. Download ChromeDriver from

  2. Extract the file to your ~/bin/ folder e.g. ~/bin/chromedriver



Error when pip install lxml:

[drop-temp] out: gcc: internal compiler error: Killed (program cc1)

Check on the server to see if you ran out of memory:

sudo -i

drop-temp ~ # dmesg | tail
[9840732.434057] Out of memory: Kill process 1405 (cc1) score 481 or sacrifice child
[9840732.434579] Killed process 1405 (cc1) total-vm:281224kB, anon-rss:242024kB, file-rss:0kB


Since switching to python 3, the uwsgi install using Salt appears to have some issues:

tail /var/log/nginx/error.log

To solve the problem:

Run the state.apply for a second time. You should see 0 errors.

Install your web project (so that uwsgi has something to do).

Log into the minion as root.

Run supervisorctl and you will probably see that uwsgi Exited too quickly. Just start uwsgi and all should be well.