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Click Online Builder in the Customize panel.

Choose the Standard preset.

Select the following from Available plugins:

Color Button
Color Dialog
Youtube Plugin

Select Moono (not Moono-Lisa) from available skins.

Download the Optimized version of the CKEditor.

Remove the current ckeditor folder from the base app:


Extract the archive to the ckeditor folder:


Remove the samples folder:

rm -r base/static/vendor/js/ckeditor/samples/


The base app has three standard templates for CKEditor:

Template Description JavaScript
_ckeditor.html Our standard CKEditor config_simple.js
_ckeditor_color.html Our standard editor with the option of colouring the foreground and background text. config_colortext.js
_ckeditor_user.html A more limited editor (we use this for candidates and recruiters) config_user.js


The Django templates are in the standard templates folder: base/templates/base/


The JavaScript files are in the base/js/ckeditor folder: base/static/base/js/ckeditor/,

The _ckeditor.html template can be included on a page as follows:

{% block script_extra %}
  {{ block.super }}
  {% include 'base/_ckeditor.html' %}
{% endblock script_extra %}


Any block with an ID of id_description will become a rich text editor.

To include _ckeditor_color.html or _ckeditor_user.html replace the {% include 'base/_ckeditor.html' %} line with one of the following:

{% include 'base/_ckeditor_color.html' %}
{% include 'base/_ckeditor_user.html' %}

If you don’t have a text field with the ID of id_description, you can change the ID e.g:

{% block script_extra %}
  {% include 'base/_ckeditor.html' with id_textarea='id_notes' %}
  <!-- ...

To make any other text field into rich text, add CKEDITOR.replace sections below the include section e.g:

{% block script_extra %}
  {{ block.super }}
  {% include 'base/_ckeditor.html' %}
  <script type="text/javascript">
{% endblock script_extra %}


The default config.js file can be found in the base/static/vendor/js/ckeditor/config.js folder.


To display the rich text on an HTML template:

{% autoescape off %}
  {{ c.description }}
{% endautoescape %}


This by-passes the Django auto-escaping and it therefore a security risk. Don’t display user input using this method.



We will not use CKEditor 5 because it is licensed under the terms of GNU General Public License Version 2 or later.

CKEditor 4 is licensed under the terms of any of the following licenses at your choice:

  • GNU General Public License Version 2 or later
  • GNU Lesser General Public License Version 2.1 or later
  • Mozilla Public License Version 1.1 or later

I think we are fine with the GNU Lesser General Public License and the Mozilla Public License (although I am no expert on licences).


If you want to use a Commercial Licence, see pricing,

User Documentation

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