Site Maintenance Mode


All our django sites that are configured using salt can be set to maintenance mode. A page called maintenance.html in the root directory of the site is displayed to a site user when the site is in maintenance mode.

The salt configuration provides a sample maintenance page this can be customised as required for the site. Salt will not overwrite the customised maintenance page.

A script enables and disables maintenance mode.

Enable and disable maintenance mode


Background tasks will continue to run while your site is in maintenance mode.

The maintenance mode script is used as follow:

maintenance-mode <domain> on | off

e.g to enable maintenance mode for

maintenance-mode on

To disable maintenance mode for

maintenance-mode off

Create a customised maintenance page

If you have not created a maintenance page the first time you try to enter maintenance mode the script will ask if you wish to clone the sample page.

Answer y to create a the maintenance page. Modify this as appropriate for the site and run the command again to enter maintenance mode.