Microsoft Office 365

If needed in the future you can subscribe to a group from you desktop by following these instructions: Subscribe to a group in Outlook

Or you can check you are subscribed (and subscribe if you are not subscribed) by following these instruction (which are what we actually did in the end!)

  • Go to Office 365 Online
  • In Groups - click the Group name “Office” - This was the group whose emails were not being sent to your Inbox
  • Click Conversations
  • To the RH side click the down arrow by Joined
  • Select “Subscribe to this group by email”
  • Send a test email to the Group email address. It should arrive in both your Inbox and the Office group


if it says “Unsubscribe from emails for this group” then you are not unsubscribed so check your desktop version, if subscribed there, call us!!

A screen shot for the above instructions to help (I hope):