Microsoft Office 365


See Setting up email addresses and shared mailboxes or…

To create an email address for a user, create the user in the Azure portal (Microsoft Azure), then log into the Microsoft 365 admin center

Assign a couple of licenses:


Clicking on the Mail tab and you will see preparing a mailbox:


Finally… you will see the Mail details…


Office 365

To enable OneDrive, add the following licences:


Follow a group in Outlook

If needed in the future you can subscribe to a group from you desktop by following these instructions: Subscribe to a group in Outlook

Or you can check you are subscribed (and subscribe if you are not subscribed) by following these instruction (which are what we actually did in the end!)

  • Go to Office 365 Online

  • In Groups - click the Group name “Office” - This was the group whose emails were not being sent to your Inbox

  • Click Conversations

  • To the RH side click the down arrow by Joined

  • Select “Subscribe to this group by email”

  • Send a test email to the Group email address. It should arrive in both your Inbox and the Office group


if it says “Unsubscribe from emails for this group” then you are not unsubscribed so check your desktop version, if subscribed there, call us!!

A screen shot for the above instructions to help (I hope):


Setting up email addresses and shared mailboxes

Sign in:

Add a user

Add Domain

  • Click Show all/Setup/Domains/Add domain

  • Enter a Domain name e.g.

  • Create a MX record to match the Office setting given

  • Click Verify - this may take a while as the DNS has to propagate

  • Go back to Setup/Domains and select the domain e.g.

  • Click “Check DNS” and if there are any errors add the required records to your hosting provider

Modify User

Get the free portal offer

  • Go to Billing/Purchase services/Non profit

  • Choose Office 365 Business Essentials (Nonprofit Staff Pricing) - free

  • Pay £0.00 but they collect your card details

Add the App to the Users - Go to Users/Active Users then select the Users - Select the Licenses and Apps tab - Under Licenses tick the Office 365 Business Essential App - Save the changes and Exit

Shared Mailbox

Microsoft 365 admin center,, Teams & groups, Shared mailboxes

After adding Members to the mailbox, you can add the shared mailbox to by right clicking on Folders, then Add shared folder

The shared mailbox can also be accessed on their own URL e.g.


If you create the same mailbox for different domains (e.g. and you will get issues. These can be solved, by Edit name, Edit email addresses and Show all, Admin centers, Exchange.