Old Notes

In the examples below replace:

  • hatherleigh_info with your site name

  • patrick with your user name

  • test_hatherleigh_info_patrick with the database name from your settings file e.g. settings/dev_patrick.py


After backing up your database (Backup):

psql -X -U postgres -c "DROP DATABASE test_hatherleigh_info_patrick"
psql -X -U postgres -c "CREATE DATABASE test_hatherleigh_info_patrick TEMPLATE=template0 ENCODING='utf-8';"
psql -X --set ON_ERROR_STOP=on -U postgres -d test_hatherleigh_info_patrick --file /home/patrick/repo/backup/postgres/hatherleigh_info.sql
psql -X -U postgres -d test_hatherleigh_info_patrick -c "REASSIGN OWNED BY hatherleigh_info TO patrick"


Extract a recent backup (from your workstation) to a temporary folder (in this example drop_a_20140426_133620_patrick is the name of the temporary folder and hatherleigh_info is the name of the site):

mkdir ~/repo/temp/media/
cd ~/repo/temp/media/

tar xzf /home/patrick/repo/backup/files/drop_a_20140426_133620_patrick.tar.gz

mv hatherleigh_info/public/* ~/repo/dev/project/hatherleigh_info/media/


You will probably need to remove the contents of the media/public folder in your project before moving the files.